Milton Glaser explainig why he chose Graphic design over Architecture.

I was brought up in an enviroment in wich all the arts were very present: architecture, painting, sculpture, and creative writing. My father was a modern architect, and other modern designers were his friends. They were the people who influenced me. However, I quiclky came to the conclution that in architecture there is too much waiting and limited success. You have to get involved with to many other people–boards of directors, commitees–and an awful lot doesn't come to fruition. The best part of architecture seems be in the first hour or two, and from the on, it is trying to keep the project live.

With graphic design, I accomplish 95% of what I do, and there is a lot of it. It may have a short life because it is conceived, printed, and thrown away, but there is a great deal of variety–and a great deal of succes. That psychologically, is a much better existence, as far as I am concerned. Also, you are constantly learning from your clients–it is a free education to be a designer, instead of paying tuition, you are actually being paid to learn.

Milton Glaser

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