Guys and dolls

From doll users:

-It’s just me and dolls as far as I can see, but there are worst things in life than living with dolls, there is living alone.

-You can have Harley Davidson motorcycles as a hobby, you can have wind surfing as a hobby you can have a sailing boat as a hobby, you can have sex as a hobby.

-Yes I would give up to dolls for the right woman.

-Every now and again I would still make some sort of a half hard attempt to date organic women but then I realize is pretty much a fools task. I prefer the security that a doll provides me because there is no variable that may or may not occur, there is always a constant. I like things constant and you can’t get more constant than a doll.

-We are always there for each other. I know what to expect, with women you don’t really get that.

-I’ve found that relationships with humans are only temporary and a lot of people think that I am cold and insensitive by saying it… I’m just indifferent with people, I can bond with inanimate objects. I’ve had a poster for over some twenty some years… I just get attached to physical stuff.

From an atelier that repair dolls:

-Sex in itself is almost like a violent act. The dolls are made for it. They can handle a lot of physical abuse.

-I don’t give all that emotional attachment to dolls. I’ve had GI Joes, model figures and things like that as a kid. This was just a different step in that same direction.

-When we first started dating four years ago (referring to her actual girlfriend) it made her uncomfortable physically, she felt her body didn’t looked like that or wouldn’t looked like that. So the dolls themselves are intimidating to woman. It was hard for them.

-(explaining his experience when he have had sex with a doll) Very life like, very realistic, very odd. But is just a doll. A very high form of masturbation.

From the creator:

I am very flattered that my dolls have such an emotional place in certain people lives. Those are the ones I feel best about, that I’ve actually changed their lives for the better. Certain people benefit from these dolls the same way certain people benefit from insults and their shoes. Not every body have problem with their feet but some people do and everybody doesn’t have a social interaction problem but some people do. Some guys can not talk to a girl and I certainly think that having sex with a piece of rubber that is exactly shaped like and feels like a woman is better than never having sex and for them is enough, they are happy, they go to work and they come home and they are exited to see their doll. The food bills are way cheaper.